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If you enjoy trading postcards and ATC's (only textile related please) - I would be happy to swap with you. Send your cards to P.O. Box 7127, Ansfrere, 1711 South Africa. I will then return my cards to you. See the tab above for my latest work.

Our craft group meets every second Saturday of the month at the Liberty Church in Discovery at 2pm. Anyone welcome.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feeling Blue!

I haven't posted in awhile.  My time has been limited and just have not found time to do much lately.  Have been battling with glandular fever (we think) still waiting for the blood tests, but am so... tired and my lymph glands are so swollen.  Not a good feeling as I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep!

So all I have done in the last few days have been some fabric postcards by hand.  Okay it has been soothing.  I have created another page in order to show these, so click on the tab above for the latest ones.  Still one more to add. 

Love the handwork postcards and ATC's dont you?  Love to hear from you all. 

Hope you will be taking part in the crochet and knitting week?


  1. so sorry to read you haven't been well. did the blood tests confirm the diagnosis? its good to get some handstitching done, it gives you the satisfaction of accomplishing something in spite of all the sleeping. well wishes from the Netherlands

  2. I undertand what it's like to be so ill all you can do is sleep. But now you've had glandular fever,it's time to accept it as part
    of you,as it never really goes away. Do what you need to do in your everyday and take the time for you,resting and enjoy it,feel it making you whole. I still take a cat nap in the afternoon or when I come in from a day. It is what I need to do to stay healthy and happy so I can create something different in life.
    You are healing enjoy your day doing this.
    best wishes and thoughts,
    Jane C